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info [27 Mar 2027|11:59pm]
~pier is a pb role-playing community set in a fictional, small beach-side town of Seaside, California. it aims at merging slice-of-life and plot-driven interactions. the goal is to encourage organic growth through participation. if you are one of the many disenfranchised players out there who just want a fun, stress-free experience this is the place for you. games die, people flake, players form cliques...

holds [26 Mar 2027|10:57pm]
holds are on first come first serve basis and will last for 48 hours with the option to extend for another 48. we do not accept challenges or anonymous holds.



Dakota Johnson 6/28
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apply [25 Mar 2027|11:58pm]
joining is easy. here is what you'll need (1) your writing skills will be based on your bio. no samples needed. that being said your bio should be around 400 words, (2) connections. the more connections to other players you set up in advance the more likely you are to contribute to the community's success, list these with your bio, and (3) an IC and OOC contact posts.

if you're looking for some ideas for creating connections check out the directory for a few pre-established town locations. players are encouraged to contribute to this list.

ADDS: Wednesdays & Sundays *add cut off at 9 pm pst</strike>

name & journal: (unlinked)
played-by: (indicate if they were held)
bio: linked
request access here, here and here.
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contact [24 Mar 2027|09:42pm]
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Storylines [26 Mar 2026|06:58pm]

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